What Necktie Butler Owners Have To Say...

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My wife got me the darker wood colored Necktie Butler for Christmas and I'm very glad she did.  Before, I was hanging my ties on a rack that just had one single bar with a slip-free rubber coating on it.  This worked alright because my ties didn't fall off- which was great, but all the ties ended up on top of each other and I couldn't see them all very well, and had to pick up multiple ties when trying to find the one I wanted.  With the new product my wife purchased here, I can view each tie on its own because each tie is on its own little hanger.  The ties still don't fall off, but now I have much better access to my ties and I'm enjoying more ease in grabbing the tie that I pick out.
~Nick, Washington 

Thank you so much. We received them on Friday and I am exceptionally pleased. My son was amazed that his ties did not slip off the hangars at all. I am happy to say that it has created a much more pleasant living environment as there are no ties laying around now. Each one has a happy home on the tie rack. Thanks so much. I will be in touch for more when my next two boys get a little older (and as tie obsessed as their oldest brother)."
~Cindy, Missouri

I recently purchased your product after my battery powered tie rack stopped working. I wish I would have purchased your product a long time ago. Simple and practical. Thanks for a great product"
~Mike, Iowa

Great product; superb customer service. No more ties slipping off onto my closet floor in the early morning when picking a tie. Works great for both conventional neckties and bow ties: holds onto ties well, and ties are easy to see and access. Recommended!"
~John, Michigan

I love this tie racks! This is the finest tie storage and travel system I have ever owned, bar none. The electronic tie storage systems on the market are over-engineered for the job, incorporate unnecessary moving parts, and are prone to failure. Mounted tie racks are permanently fixed to a wall and worthless when I am on the road. The Necktie Butler will be the last tie rack that you ever buy.
~Abe, Phoenix

The Necktie Butler is the answer to one of my biggest complaints in my husband's side of the closet! The old tie rack we had installed was large and bulky, taking up too much space. Also, the old tie rack had to be permanently mounted and installed in the closet making it impossible to easily rearrange things in the closet. With the Necktie Butler, it's a snap to move the ties whenever I want to wherever I want them. I also find the Butler very convenient for hanging up belts for both of us.
~Monteen, Newport

The necktie butler necktie rack made a great gift for a friend of mine. He's always looking for ways to keep his numerous ties from hitting the floor. It proved to be super handy too if you can't just pick one out... Drag the whole lot of them to the shirt and grab your favorite tie n go. He'll be ordering a couple more tie racks from you to hold his collection of about 100 ties... He’s excited.
~Eloise, New York City

After years of wearing neck ties, I have always been plagued with waking up to the sight of my expensive ties on the floor. I have owned all sorts of neck tie racks and "organizers" and no tie rack has held a candle to the Neck Tie Butler. My ties never fall, this tie rack is durable, and now 30 of my ties take up as much space as 1 hanging shirt in my closet. I would recommend the Neck Tie Butler to anyone who is tired of seeing their tie collection lying on the floor or crumpled in a ball every morning. I definitely know where I'm doing my office Christmas shopping this year!
~Patrick, San Diego

I tried a tie rack with batteries. I tried a tie rack that was mounted to the wall. I tried a wood tie rack with little wooden pegs. None of these even came close to the Necktie Butler. The Necktie Butler tie rack gets the job done perfectly. I highly recommend it!
~Harold, Chicago

I was referred to the Necktie Butler from a friend of mine and I love it! Other racks I've owned were either too cumbersome or built poorly, resulting in a mess of ties on my closet floor. This product is build with solid and elegant construction and I couldn't be more pleased! Great value!
~Matthew, Ohio