Keep Your Neckties Crisp and Clean!

The Necktie Butler affordably solves your necktie storage problems.
It is unlike any other tie rack on the market.

Necktie Racks
  • Holds up to 30 of your favorite ties
  • Quickly find the right tie for the occasion
  • Carry to a window & pick a tie by natural light
  • Ties are secure and never fall on the floor
  • Only uses 2 inches of wardrobe space
  • Assembled in the Great Northwest
  • Provides years of faithful service

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Necktie Rack

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How does it work?

Necktie Racks Necktie Rack Tie Racks

How does it look?

Necktie Racks Necktie Rack Tie Racks

Necktie Butler is different than other tie racks. It holds up to 30 ties with:
No Slippage, No Wrinkling, No Installation
No Muss No Fuss.

Our Necktie Racks in the News

Necktie Racks Now Sold at


The Original Necktie Butler site is now selling necktie racks, and says that its product is unlike all other products on the market.

Most tie racks, the site says, are either too simple, or too complicated. For example, it says wooden pegs stuck into the wall are too dumbed down and leave customers reaching to the floor to pick up falling ties every time they go to retrieve the tie they want. It says that battery powered products that require difficult installation are over the top, bulky, require too much set up time, and end up needing maintenance down the road.

The site says that The Original Necktie Butler necktie rack is the "Golden Mean" or "Middle Path" between the two extremes. It is a hanging rack that can hold up to 30 ties without any slippage, wrinkling, batteries, or installation. "No muss. No fuss." is how the site explains the practicality of their product. It only takes up two inches of the closet once it is hung on the closet rod. That is more space than a button up shirt, but less than a hanging sports coat.

With a little jiggle, the site says, The Original Necktie Butler levels itself out to keep the hanging rack from leaning to one side or the other. There are four spacers along the racks that operate to keep the weight of the ties separated and keep the product level.

Unlike some dirt cheap or overly expensive necktie racks, The Necktie Butler says its pricing is again the "Golden Mean" at $29.99 for The Natural Original product which is a light wood color. The Walnut Dandy is a darker wood version that sells for two dollars more at $31.99.

The site says the products are all assembled in the Pacific Northwest area of the United States by a small, well-trained tie rack team.

Testimonials by people who have purchased the necktie racks can be seen on The Original Necktie Butler website.

One happy customer wrote, "The necktie butler necktie rack made a great gift for a friend of mine. He’s always looking for ways to keep his numerous ties from hitting the floor. It proved to be super handy too if you can’t just pick one out... Drag the whole lot of them to the shirt and grab your favorite tie and go. He’ll be ordering a couple more tie racks from you to hold his collection of about 100 ties... He’s excited. "

Interested buyers can only purchase this product through the official Necktie Butler website. The racks cannot be purchased on eBay, on Amazon, or in any retail stores. They can be purchased using PayPal, or a Visa, MasterCard, or American Express card. Standard shipping of the product is free within the continental United States.