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Q: How does the Butler self-level?
A: The Butler is the only self-leveling tie rack on the market. Simply load your ties on to the triangles in a reasonably dispersed manner and give it a gentle jiggle, you will find the ties have distributed themselves so that the Butler hangs level. If not, re-jiggle. The four spacers operate to keep the Butler level.

Q: Can I find the Butler in any retail outlets?
A: No, the Necktie Butler is sold exclusively through the Necktie Butler online tie rack store.

Q: Does the Butler hold [clip-on, bow, piano key, bolo] ties?
A: Yes and no. The Butler can handle bowties and bolo ties with ease, but a clip-on should probably be stored under your bed or somewhere well out of sight. A piano key should be stored in a velvet box.

Q: How many ties will the necktie butler hold?
A: The Butler's design limit is 30 ties. Some customers have doubled up on some of the triangular rings and are able to exceed this number. While the Butler is strong and roomy enough to accommodate this practice, The Butler does not recommend it -- wrinkling may result and it may be difficult to find a particular tie when you need it. The better practice is to buy a second, or even a third, Butler.

Q: Where is the Butler assembled?
A: The Butler is assembled by small, well-trained tie rack teams in the Pacific Northwest area of the USA.

Q: Is the Butler durable?
A: Yes, the Butler, you might say, is overbuilt. It can comfortably carry the full load of 30 ties. The materials are top-notch and the workmanship is hands-on-American. If for any reason your Butler fails you, return it for a replacement. No Questions Asked.

Q: Will women find me more desirable if I have the Butler in my closet?
A: Very few women are attracted to a man with a wrinkled necktie. No guarantees here, but a discerning woman (and aren't they all!) will sense that a man who takes good care of his neckties is more likely to take good care of her. Similarly, a woman who sees her man toss his valuable necktie on the closet floor, or casually drape it around a cheap wire hanger, may well conclude that she may fare no better at the end of the day.